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Pet support organization seeks petfood partners

Share the Love was recently founded as a non-profit group, to organize and distribute petfood donations to many needy animal shelters.

Created by Scott Morgan, this organization operates as a food bank, distributing petfood and pet supply donations equally to animal rescue shelters, as well as outreach shelters for low income families. Petfood manufacturers receive a large number of requests from shelters seeking donations, but do not always know which ones to choose. According to Morgan, this dilemma results in manufacturers throwing out excess food and supplies in order to avoid conflicts or lawsuits. He hopes that petfood manufacturers who discard food and supplies will instead consider donating them to Share the Love, so they can be equally distributed by his organization to many needy shelters.

If interested in more information about Share the Love, or to make a donation, contact Scott Morgan, P.O. box 458, Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, USA 27041, or call +1.336.655.4284.

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