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Petco offers new holistic petfood, free pet training seminars

Petco is introducing a new, holistic petfood option in addition to offering free training seminars for pet owners and their pets.

Petco is carrying Nature's Variety Instinct and Prairie diet petfood lines. Instinct offerings include both raw frozen diets and dry, grain-free foods. The company says its Prairie diet uses whole grains and has a high meat content.

Nature's Variety Prairie is also sponsoring free "Family Fun Dog Training Seminars" in October 2011. The 30-minute lessons teach positive training methods and provide participants with a free sample of the Prairie petfood and a coupon for a future purchase.

"We believe that healthier pets and happier people make a better world," says John Sturm, vice president of merchandising for Petco. "The addition of Nature's Variety into our natural food selection, as well as their generous sponsorship of our free training seminars, mean we can continue to provide exceptional products and services to our customers."

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