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Webinar on FDA petfood regulation to be held February 23

On Febrary 23, a 90-minute webinar training event will provide an introduction to the US Food and Drug Administration's rules governing petfood product development; formulation, manufacturing and labeling; and marketing and promotion.

The webinar will by instructed by Karl Nobert, a food and drug regulatory attorney with Squire Sanders law firm in Washington, D.C., USA.

Specific topics covered include FDA's regulation of petfood products; various components of a petfood label; the process for introducing a new ingredient or feed additive to the market; differences between the Pre-Market Clearance Process, the Food Additive Petition Process and the process for having an ingredient deemed Generally Recognized As Safe; update on the status of the Proposed GRAS Self-Affirmation Notification Program; a summary of FDA's recent enforcement activity, and recent trends and areas of particular enforcement risks; FDA's regulation of those veterinary products marketed and sold as dietary supplement and nutraceutical in the US; and a brief introduction to the animal drug approval process.

More information on registering for this upcoming webinar is available online.

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