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Thailand petfood manufacturer orders KSE bulk outloading system

KSE Process Technology recently received a phased order for the bulk outloading process of petfood manufacturer Perfect Companion Group in Thailand.

The ordered parts are intended for filling hoppers of petfood grain ingredients. The petfood composition is dosed by KSE's ALFRA dosing side platform, then moves through the platform to the ALFRA bulk weigher, before being mixed in the blender, KSE says. Finally, the petfood product is loaded into the hopper, and from there, it is packed in the packaging line, according to KSE.

“The transport to Thailand was quite a challenge, because the spare parts were very large. Especially for this order the machines where first completely put together and tested. Then, for transport they were broken down completely. By means of a sophisticated system, they can easily put together again in Thailand”, said project manager, Robin Paaijmans.

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