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Mondi designed Interquell's Happy Dog petfood packaging with silver 3D lettering and high-definition flexo-printed packaging to make the package stand out.
on May 17, 2012

Mondi wins DuPont Packaging Award for dog food bag

Mondi awarded for Interquell's Happy Dog petfood packaging design.

Mondi Coatings and Consumer Packaging won a DuPont Packaging Award 2012 for its petfood packaging.

The company won the award for its design of Interquell's Happy Dog petfood packaging, which is accentuated with stamped silver 3D lettering, matt OPP film and a high-definition flexo-printed packaging.

"The use of embossing, one of the most interesting finishing processes for printed products, is an excellent way to make consumer packaging stand out," said Stefan Gutheil, managing director, Mondi Consumer Packaging. "It can be used not just for lettering and logos but also for picture elements and entire images, with impressive results. Mondi Lindlar has been one of Europe’s pioneers in introducing hot foil embossing for petfood laminates. In addition, the high-definition flexo-print technology results in images with sharp definition of contours and strong colors, giving the petfood pack an even more appealing look."

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