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Canine Health Foundation seeks applicants for dog bloat grant

The American Kennel Club’s Canine Health Foundation is seeking applications from researchers interested in gastrointestinal physiology for US$250,000 grants to promote research into fatal bloat condition in dogs.

Researchers interested in seeking funding from the grant must submit a letter of intent by March 18. The Foundation will also provide continuing education for veterinarians showing surgical procedures used for prevention during spay and neuter.

“Bloat is devastating for dog owners when it occurs. Through this major funding effort, researchers, for the first time, will have the resources they need to work towards establishing the causes and pre-dispositions for bloat,” says Dr. Shila Nordone, chief scientific officer of Canine Health Foundation. “Once we understand why bloat occurs, we will have better treatment options and possibly be able to prevent the syndrome from occurring in the first place.”

In addition to addressing dog bloat with research grants, the Canine Health Foundation will host a free webinar in mid-2013 to educate dog owners about bloat, as well as its possible causes, susceptible breeds, symptoms, medical intervention and an explanation of research needed on the condition.

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