Pet Food News
on February 4, 2013

Other petfood in Australia grows 2 percent in 2011, new report says

Euromonitor International publishes new report on bird, small animal food market in Australia

Sales of other petfood (for pet birds, small mammals, reptiles and fish) increased by 2 percent in current value terms in 2011, according to a new petfood industry report from Euromonitor International.

The report, Other Pet Food in Australia , covers growth in pet populations, which contributed to the value growth in other petfood in Australia. According to the report, sales of other petfoods reached AUD149 million (US$155.7 million) in 2011, of which bird food contributed the largest share, with sales of AUD74 million (US$77.3 million). Other segments covered in the report include fish food and small mammal/reptile food.

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