A laboratory found euthanasia drug pentobarbital in two varieties of Party Animal, Inc. Cocolicious canned dog foods, leading the company to recall specific lots of the dog foods.

  • Cocolicious Beef and Turkey- 12 ounce cans
    • Lot: 0136E1520404
    • Best By Date: July 2019
  • Cocolicious Chicken and Beef - 12 ounce cans
    • Lot: 0134E1523713
    • Best By Date: August 2019

Party Animal’s response to the pentobarbital findings

Party Animal issued a letter regarding the recall. According to that letter, on April 13, a retailer in Texas notified the pet food company that their customer had presented samples of the Cocolicious dog foods to a testing lab, and that the results had tested positive for pentobarbital.

After being notified, Party Animal associates determined that the food had been manufactured and distributed in 2015.The company then contacted the two probable retailers that had sold the customer the food and asked them to isolate all remaining cans from these lots.

Party Animal also requested that the retailers send all of the cans from those lots to them in order to forward them on to an accredited independent laboratory for independent testing. Party Animal expects to receive the results in 7 to 10 days. Party Animals stated that they first saw the formal report from the lab at Texas A&M regarding the customer’s samples on April 17.

Party Animals stated that they are working with their distributors and retailers to determine if any additional beef-flavored products manufactured during this 2015 production period remain on shelves and, if so, to retrieve them from shelves.

Party Animal submitted recent lots of their beef flavors for testing and all have tested negative for any pentobarbital.