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Phillips brings Rudy Green's Frozen to New England

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, a leading pet product distributor serving the independent pet channel, recently added the Rudy Green’s brand of super-premium frozen dog food to its Taunton, Massachusetts, distribution center.

Rudy Green’s simple, nutritious formulas can be a meal or mix-in. The recipes are made with 100 percent human-grade ingredients sourced in the USA. There are no byproducts, fillers or additives. The low-calorie, low-fat food is gently cooked to 180 degrees and quickly frozen to keep vital nutrients intact.

The products come in a 24-ounce box containing four 6-ounce packets that are microwave safe. There are five varieties: beefy rice; chicken and veggies; fish stew; pork, pasta and potato; and turkey and mac and cheese.

The Rudy Green’s brand was founded in 2006 by Karla Haas, a lifelong animal welfare worker, who helped her 14-year-old lab recover from an illness with a home-cooked diet. That lab’s name was Rudy Green.

All Rudy Green’s gourmet recipes were developed with a veterinary nutritionist and are made in a USDA/FDA-inspected human-food facility in Kentucky. The recipes can help older dogs and sick dogs recover and regain appetite, while providing finicky dogs with flavor and variety.

Each food batch is tested for e-coli, coliforms, yeast and mold. Rudy Green’s products have never been recalled.

“Rudy Green’s frozen formulas allow pet parents to transition their dogs to a more traditional diet that is human-grade and USA-made,” says Elizabeth Thibodeau, Senior Vice President, Merchandising and Marketing Services for Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. “We are pleased to distribute the emerging Rudy Green’s brand in the New England market and believe its ingredients and processing transparency will be well received.”

To order Rudy Green’s products, visit, call 1-800-451-2817 or connect with your Phillips sales team member.

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