I and love and you Baked & Saucy oven baked dog food


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"I and love and you"
2108 55th Street, Suite 100
Boulder CO 80301
United States

The Baked & Saucy from "I and love and you" is a line of oven baked dog food that features real Non-GMO produce and protein, is grain-free and made with probiotics for added digestion support. Coated in savory bone broth, Baked & Saucy dog food can be served dry for a delicious oven baked meal or wet for a saucy bone broth gravy.

Available in two flavors, Chicken + Sweet Potatoes and Beef + Sweet Potatoes, the Baked & Saucy line has been holistic veterinarian approved and includes the optimal combination of whole-food nutrition, freshness and premium ingredients.

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