Tiki Pets Tiki Dog Petites Pâté, Stix, and Taste for small dogs

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Tiki Pets
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Tiki Pets presents the Tiki Dog Petites Pâté, Stix, and Taste for small dogs, products that offer a variety of textures and flavors for complete and balanced meals, such as wet whole foods, dry baked kibble, smooth mousses and dry morsel toppers.

The Tiki Dog Petites Pâté line offers meat-first wet nutrition for small dogs in reasonably-priced five ounce cans. Flavors include classic lamb pâté, classic pork pâté, classic beef pâté, classic duck pâté and classic turkey pâté.

The Tiki Dog Petites Stix are irresistible grain-free wet treats made with real duck or chicken in creamy gravy. These stix are made with no tapioca and infused with broth, instead of water.

The Tiki Dog Petites Taste flavors include Mediterranean, Italian Carbonara, French Beef Burgundy, Spanish Paella with Chicken & Shrimp, Asian Chicken Stir Fry, as well as a variety pack with two of each flavor.

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