Campfire Treats all-natural premium dog treats


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Phone: +1.916.259.2930


Campfire Treats, LLC
4800 Granite Dr B10
Rocklin CA 95677
United States

The Campfire Treats all-natural premium dog treats are single-ingredient dog treats and chews made from human-grade quality beef, chicken and fish sourced from U.S. farms and fisheries. The treats are handmade in Rocklin.

There are different recipes available: All-Natural Chicken Jerky; All-Natural Beef Heart; Dehydrated Cod Skins; Gourmet Beef Jerky; Dehydrated Chicken Feet; Dehydrated Chicken Necks; Dehydrated Beef Liver; Dehydrated Turkey Necks; Dehydrated Anchovies; and All-Natural Beef Liver. 

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