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The Honest Kitchen
145 14th St.
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The Honest Kitchen pourable stews include added nutrients that help support the overall health of dogs. They are available in five recipes: 

  • Heart Health Turkey Broth & Salmon Stew with balanced omegas, taurine and L-carnitine to help support heart health.
  • Immune Support Beef Stew with a boost of antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin E, which help maintain overall immune health.
  • Hip & Joint Support Chicken Stew with a boost of EPA and DHA to help support joint health.
  • Revive & Restore Chicken & Pumpkin Stew with a boost of protein, antioxidants and B vitamins to work up their appetite and help revitalize.
  • Skin & Coat Salmon Stew with a boost of omegas from salmon oil, biotin and vitamin E to help support healthy skin and coat.
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