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SPF wins 2011 Global Pets Forum Award

SPF, the global petfood palatant company headquartered in France, was announced as the winner of the 2011 Global Pets Forum Award on January 27 during the Global Pets Forum conference in Barcelona, Spain. The conference and award are organized by Pets International magazine.

Criteria for the award included breakthrough innovation (significant, true innovation) that was relevant to the pet industry and showed results for the company. Other criteria included searching for and re-applying innovation from other industries and showing evidence of establishing and implementing a corporate social responsibility program.
“SPF is completely dedicated to the petfood industry. The firm has presented more concrete actions and tangible initiatives than any other nominees,” said Rob Vigoureux, PhD, director of FACTA international and chairman of the award jury.
Besides SPF, the other nominees for the award included DSM Nutritional Products, based in Switzerland; FURminator Professional Pet Products from the US; and Nano Pet Products, also based in the US.

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