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RadiantBrands completes design work on latest Pet Food Express in California, USA

RadiantBrands completed its design and branding contribution to the recently opened Pet Food Express store at 3150 California Street in San Francisco, California, USA.

RadiantBrands worked with Pet Food Express' senior management team to create a unique customer experience that reflects the store's core values of providing high quality, holistic pet products that promote good nutrition and health, while still reflecting the look and feel of the local neighborhood. RadiantBrands also designed the flagship Pet Food Express store on Market Street in San Francisco.

The newest Pet Food Express store design reflects the company's commitment to sustainability, using a variety of building materials like sustainably harvested Western Cedar, and featuring a solar-powered pet wash. RadiantBrands says it helped the store become part of its Laurel Heights neighborhood through the design of iconic community graphics and information about nearby pet care, dog parks and other pet-oriented information.

“Pet Food Express has been a Bay Area brand for more than 30 years, and has always stood for wholesome pet care products and connection to the local pet community,” said Steven Donaldson, co-founder of RadiantBrands. “We believe that creating a positive neighborhood experience makes the store an asset to the neighborhood; we achieve that through the color palette, historic information, and referrals to local pet resources. The result is a personalized and localized experience that makes the shopper feel more at home, and that reminds them that Pet Food Express is part of their Bay Area neighborhood.”

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