Petfood Forum 2011 opened this year with keynote speaker Dr. Tim Hunt's thrilling presentation about his experiences racing in the 2009 Iditarod in Alaska, USA. He also shared these exciting videos (check out the links!) of the dogs and mushers in action during the race!

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM, kicked off PFF 2011 with his lessons from mushing in and serving as a veterinarian for Iditarod. Dr. Hunt raced with 16 dogs, including Spots, More Spots and lead dog, Husky. He has competed in numerous events throughout North America and Europe - besides the Iditarod, which he last raced in 2009, when he won the Red Lantern Award for being the last finisher!

During the 2009 race a storm rolled in, lasting almost an entire week, which slowed down many competitors and even forced some to drop out of the race. Others helped each other through the perilous weather, and constantly trying to keep the dogs warm and well-fed is always on the mushers' mind. During the race, Dr. Hunt's dogs each eat 12,000 calories a day to keep going.

The scenery and vast landscape of Alaska is breathtaking, even while racing with little sleep, in a cold climate and in almost perfect isolation. Truly, Dr. Hunt's experience was one he will never forget.