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Pet Food Talk provides online dog food coupons to consumers

Pet Food Talk Inc. released its dog food coupon website, which the company says condenses its petfood consultation business model into a fully integrated website to help consumers save money.

Pet Food Talk's Dog Food Coupon website, which the company says is updated daily, lists dog food brands along with the latest coupons being offered by that company.

Pet Food Talk Inc. has also started developing more petfood coupon sites, including one for cat food, horse food, snake food and fish food. These projects are expected to be completed by early summer 2011, according to Pet Food Talk Inc.

"Dog food manufacturers are constantly releasing promotions. I don't recommend that anyone ever pay full price for their dog food, since there is almost always a coupon available that will allow them so save as much as 20% off of their purchase" said Adam Davies, creator of Pet Food Talk Inc.

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