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on May 19, 2011

Diamond America Corp. provides extruder to Texas, USA, petfood manufacturer

Doggie Lunchies worked with Diamond America to install extruder for expanded dog food kit production

Diamond America Corp. announced that Doggie Lunchies/Corazz Corp. of Missouri City, Texas, USA, installed a Diamond America extruder to automate and increase production of its Doggie Lunchies product line.

The company says its product line is supplied in a recyclable kit that includes a resealable pouch with a water compartment, a package of Doggie Lunchies petfood and a dog cookie. Diamond America documented its work with Doggie Lunchies/Corazz Corp. personnel in a case study, in order to maximize extruder throughput, reduce scrap rates and minimize energy consumption in the subsequent Doggie Lunchies baking process.

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