Petfood manufacturer Halo, Purely for Pets polled 1,045 pet owners in its "Pet Parents' New Year's Resolution Survey," which found that 69.4% of pet owners plan to purchase a higher quality petfood in 2012.

Pet owners (45.9%) surveyed also pledged to help their pets lose weight in 2012. Of pet owners pledging to help pets lose weight, 68.7% will do so by providing more exercise, 44.8% by feeding a higher-quality petfood, 35.1% by feeding less food, 34% by giving fewer treats to pets, 33% by giving more nutritious treats, and 10.9% by developing a pet weight-loss program with a veterinarian.

Other findings in the pet owner survey include that nearly 95% of pet owners plan to help animals in need in 2012 and 86.8% of pet owners plan to groom their pet more regularly. The survey was conducted between December 21-23, 2011.