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on February 18, 2012

New food safety alliance to aid petfood manufacturers in FSMA compliance

Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance established by US Food and Drug Administration to develop training materials

The US Food and Drug Administration in cooperation with the Illinois, USA, Institute of Technology’s Institute for Food Safety and Health created the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance to develop training courses and materials on preventing contamination for both human and animal food during production.

The alliance was created to prepare for new rules, expected to be proposed by the administration in early 2012, which would require petfood manufacturing facilities to implement measures to help prevent foodborne illness.

The materials to be developed by the alliance will help the industry, especially small- and medium-size companies, in complying with the new preventive control rules. The alliance is composed of members from the Food and Drug Administration, local and state food protection agencies, the food industry and academia. It is funded by a one-year, US$1 million grant to the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute for Food Safety and Health.

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