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Burgess Pet Care offers new small animal food with fiber

Small animal food manufacturer Burgess Pet Care recently introduced a new line to cater to pets' dental, digestive and emotional needs.

The company says these pets, known as "fibervores," require a high amount of fiber in their diet, which is why the company says its new Excel Complete Food Cubes are a complete food to meet the needs of rabbits and guinea pigs.

“Once again we are incredibly excited and proud to be launching a pioneering new product to the market. Our studies revealed foods labelled ‘complete’ are generally fed alone, without the hay necessary for fibervores. As the UK’s leading veterinary brand for fibervores we felt obligated to create a truly healthy, 100 percent complete food to ensure that pets are being correctly fed. The additional beauty of this product is that it really drives home to fibervore owners that hay is food," said Justin Heaton, head of marketing for Burgess Pet Care.

Excel Complete Food Cubes consist of compressed cubes of long fiber Timothy hay for dental and digestive health, with nuggets that contain short fiber, supplements and prebiotics to promote digestive health and foraging, topped with flowers and herbs, according to Burgess.

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