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Weatherchem progresses on petfood packaging sustainability initiatives

Petfood packaging company Weatherchem announced it is making significant progress toward its goal of becoming "landfill-free."

During 2012, the company says its efforts will focus on reducing the weight of its recyclable packaging closures to save material usage and shipping and fuel costs. One of Weatherchem's closures will use 20 percent less plastic, with production cycle times cut by 25 percent to save electricity.

In addition, the company previously installed new electric presses that consumed 30 percent less energy and 800,000 fewer gallons of water annually than the old ones. A new "chiller" to cool interior spaces was also installed to cool interior spaces using 40 percent to 45 percent less energy. The company also began recycling pallets, shrink wrap and corrugated paper to reduce landfill content, which led to creation of 24 tons fewer in 2011 compared to 2007, despite doubling business volume during that time.

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