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Dogswell launches contest to raise animal adoption awareness

Dogswell has launched a national contest to raise awareness for animal adoptions in honor of National Pet Month. As of May 19, 2014, consumers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite no-kill animal shelter to win a professional photo shoot for their adoptable dogs.

The contest will run for four weeks. An announcement will be made on June 30 with the name of the winning no-kill shelter. Fifteen adoptable dogs from the shelter will get their “picture perfect” moment captured by Kaylee Greer from Dog Breath Photography. The winning shelter will also receive a six-month supply of Dogswell food.

“Dogswell is proud to celebrate the efforts of shelters across the country while showing that something as simple as a picture can increase a dog’s chances of getting adopted,” said Dogswell CEO Brad Casper. “We are thrilled to partner with Kaylee Greer to help these dogs make the best ‘first impression’ and increase their chances for a healthy and happy life.”

To vote for your local no-kill shelter, visit the #Smile4DogswellContest tab on Dogswell’s Facebook page, as well as the respective shelter’s Facebook page to like and/or share the Dogswell-branded post throughout the month of May. Consumers are also encouraged to participate using the hashtag #Smile4DogswellContest across all social platforms.

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