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Hill’s Global Symposium offered as virtual event

Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc.’s 2015 Global Symposium will, for the first time, be run as a virtual event. Delegates can join the physical gathering in Miami, Florida, USA, on April 26?28, and through a custom?built virtual event center, from April 27?June 30.

The 2015 Hill's Symposium is designed to inspire and educate veterinarians and veterinary health care team members to use nutrition to improve and transform pet's lives. A special focus will be on treating pets that suffer from concurrent conditions. Common examples include dogs suffering from arthritis and obesity, and cats suffering from lower urinary tract disease (LUTD) and obesity.

"The Hill's Global Symposium is one of the premiere nutritional continuing education events of the year,” said Dr. Heather Berst, organizing chair of the Global Symposium at Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “But time is so often a critical issue in busy practices, and taking a few days out to travel and attend the symposium is, unfortunately, just not possible for some veterinarians and key team members.”

Delegates attending virtually will be able to view lectures live and participate in Q&A sessions through the virtual event center. All lectures will be recorded and available for viewing on demand until the center closes on June 30. This virtual aspect will also benefit delegates attending the physical event, as they will be able to watch lectures again after the symposium and share them with colleagues.

During the symposium, expert speakers from around the world will discuss the pet health benefits of using nutrition to help manage multiple health conditions. Additionally, expert speakers will discuss key topics impacting the veterinary profession, including communication, compliance, social media and diversity.

"Nutrition plays a key role in managing pet health,” said Dr. Ellen I. Lowery, director, US Professional & Veterinary Affairs. “Recommending the right food for pets suffering from multiple conditions is an effective, practical solution that will encourage compliance and support a successful outcome.

 "We don't want busy veterinary professionals to miss out on the great learning opportunities being offered, so we are bringing the symposium to them. We have invested significantly in the technology platform to ensure that our virtual delegates enjoy the experience and can participate as fully as those in the room.” 

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