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Patent issued for Mulligan Stew formula

Cell Response Formulation has received a US patent for the formula used in its brand of dog food, Mulligan Stew.

A patent issued for the way a food works is extremely rare in the pet industry. The patented formula allows the unique blend of ingredients to work in harmony with the dog’s body to increase antioxidant production. Increases in antioxidants have proven to be beneficial in cleansing toxins, improving overall health, and increased longevity.

To appeal to even the most unique and sensitive of appetites, Mulligan Stew offers 6 protein choices. The wide varieties of proteins are great for rotating meal options to keep the pet excited for each and every meal. The protein, in combination with the specialized blend of ingredients is key to the increased antioxidant production in the dog’s body. The benefits from feeding the formula may include improved energy, stronger immune system and a softer coat, just to name a few.

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