An upcoming episode of the Discovery Channel’s Mighty Ships will feature Northern Leader, a fishing vessel owned by Alaskan Leader, an exhibitor at Petfood Forum 2015. The 184-foot-long (56-meter) vessel will appear on Discovery Channel Canada on May 22 and in the US on June 10. 

The upcoming episode of "Mighty Ships" will focus on when the Northern Leader faced 43-foot-high (13-meter) waves and winds of more than 68 miles (110 kilometer) per hour. The crew continued to work in these conditions until one deckhand was washed overboard.

The Northern Leader catches Alaskan cod, sablefish and other species, and processes up to nearly 1.8 million pounds (800,000 kilograms) of the fish on-board before returning to its home port in Kodiak, Alaska, USA. The ship uses the longline method, meaning the fish are snagged using 80 kilometers of fishing line with 76,000 hooks, according to the Discovery Channel.

Fish products, like those supplied by Alaskan Leader, can provide pets with vitamins A and D, along with omega-3 fatty acids.