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Pet nutrition research has always reflected current pet food trends, which currently means a focus on pet diets and those diets’ effects on animal health. |
on January 11, 2018

Top pet health trends impacting pet nutrition research

Recent research looks into trending pet health questions for pet food formulators.

Petfood Industry exclusive article:

The dietary needs of dogs and cats are more complex than ever. Pet owners want pet food formulas uniquely designed to suit their companion animals, and formulators must continue to maintain the balance of giving pet parents what they want and ensuring the health and wellness of the animals they serve remain top priorities.

Read the entire article in the January issue of Petfood Industry.

It is, then, no surprise that recent pet research is focused on pet diets, as well as the effects of those diets on animal health.

In this article, you'll learn about:

  • Breaking new ground: gastrointestinal health and macronutrients
  • Cat and dog health: taking a closer look
  • Continued focus: pet food trends

As pet food trends shift and gain in complexity, pet food researchers will maintain their focus on animal nutrition. Since pet owners often look to pet food as the fastest, easiest way to affect their pets’ health, it will continue to fall on the research to help pet food formulators stay on the right track. Read the entire article to learn more. 

Also in this issue:

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