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Cesar, Pedigree Dentastix brands spread holiday cheer

Cesar “Twinning”

The Cesar brand’s Twinning campaign is spreading holiday cheer across the globe with its new Designed by Dogs holiday sweater collection. The hero creative of the campaign shows how dogs truly designed the sweaters by running, jumping and barking their way through a custom-built “Doggy Design Studio” agility course. You can see the doggy designers in action by watching the video linked here.

Style expert Clinton Kelly even joined in on the yuletide trend with his Jack Russell Terrier, Mary.

Through December 5, pet owners can enter to win their own set of matching sweaters through a sweepstakes at

Pedigree Dentastix “Season of Good Dog”

The Pedigree Dentastix brand’s “Season of Good Dog” gives a glimpse of the holiday season from a dog’s-eye view. People can see how yuletide traditions take on a whole new meaning from a different “pup-spective” in a new ad video linked here.

The brand also created a series of Season of Good Dog-themed carols, revisiting holiday favorites with new lyrics about the joy of the season through a Good Dog’s eyes. The brand partnered with Spotify to feature these carols as ads on the streaming platform, directing users to the full playlist for owners and their furry friends to enjoy together.

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