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Members of Champion Transparency Council announced

Champion Petfoods announced on May 6 the members of its unique committee, the Champion Transparency Council, intended to provide unprecedented access and visibility to its pet food creation and ingredients sourcing processes. The four-member Council – comprised of two pet care industry experts and two Pet Lovers – will produce periodic candid, first-hand reports of how Champion fulfills its Biologically Appropriate pet food mission.

Champion recently invited Pet Lovers to apply for two positions on the Council by submitting an essay and photo that explained how Champion pet foods have made a difference in the wellbeing of their cat or dog, and why they believe transparency is important to Pet Lovers. 

Andrea Coffman of Tulsa, Oklahoma wrote in her essay how transparency “builds trust and erases doubt” about the pet food she feeds her dog Stella. Similarly, April Scott of Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada stated knowing more about where pet food ingredients come from “creates trust and connectedness” concerning the pet food that kept her dog Quazar healthy and happy.

Coffman and Scott are joined by two pet care industry experts, Dr. Shawn Messonnier of Plano, Texas and Dr. Clayton Greenway of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to fulfill the Council’s mission of providing greater visibility around each step in the preparation of Champion’s pet food. Council members recently participated in an immersion experience at the company’s DogStar Kitchen, where they learned about product recipes, nutritional standards, food preparation, and safety procedures. The Council members also visited a nearby ingredient supplier.

“We want Pet Lovers to be able to see for themselves how we create dog and cat food at our kitchens,” said Don King, Vice President of Marketing for Champion Petfoods. “We are empowering our Transparency Council members to be the public’s eyes and ears about how we fulfill our Biologically Appropriate pet food mission.”

Champion said the Council was created in response to increasing consumer interest in transparency, fed in large part by a growing desire among Pet Lovers to understand the details about what’s inside the food they serve their dog or cat. “We think Pet Lovers deserve to be better informed about how we make our food and hope the Council reports will inspire greater trust and confidence in the effort we make every day preparing ORIJEN and ACANA pet food,” King said.

Council members are set to share their experiences through articles they write for distribution in Champion social channels; will participate in media interviews; and will have a dedicated page at Champion’s web site, where their journey will be chronicled.

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