Lindsay Beaton

Lindsay Beaton

Lindsay Beaton is the editor of Petfood Industry magazine and the host of "Trending: Pet Food," a biweekly pet food industry podcast ( You may contact her at by selecting "Editorial Team - Petfood Industry" from the drop-down menu.



The expectations and limitations of feeding trials

Companies conducting animal feeding trials for their products must go beyond requirements to get the information they need.

Learn about the expectations and limitations of feeding trials, as well as what companies are doing to ensure they get the best information possible from their research.

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Tracking product safety through the NASC

The National Animal Supplement Council’s NAERS helps member companies track adverse events for their products and ingredients.

Learn about the National Animal Supplement Council’s NAERS, a system of tracking adverse events for its members.

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Pet CBD space ready and eager for more research

Those companies working in the CBD pet products space are identifying research gaps and navigating the barriers that remain.

Learn about the barriers to research and acceptance that remain in the CBD segment of pet products, as well as continued regulatory challenges.

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Pet supplements evolving to accompany nutrition plans

Those in the supplements space are answering consumer calls for functionality, traceability, and simple education on what’s right for their pets.

Learn about the latest trends in the pet supplement space, including specific functional options, the importance of traceability, and consumer education.

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Canidae leans into sustainability with brand overhaul

The specialty pet food company is finding new legs by maintaining quality while promoting a new company mission of eco-consciousness.

Learn about Canidae’s new brand strategy, including a merging of their old standards with a new focus on sustainability and reaching their consumers via an omnichannel strategy.

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