Lindsay Beaton

Lindsay Beaton

Lindsay Beaton is the editor of Petfood Industry magazine and the author of "Trending: Pet Food," a weekly pet food industry blog. You may contact her at by selecting "Editorial Team - Petfood Industry" from the drop-down menu.



Petaluma: New, purpose-driven brand joins the pet space

Sustainably focused and meat free, this new company’s mission is one of responsibility.

Learn about new pet food company Petaluma, which takes a sustainable approach to pet food in its meat-free products and its focus on agricultural responsibility to make the world a better place for pets and people alike.

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Automation in pet food: optimizing production, safety

Automating the pet food production process is becoming increasingly appealing as consumers require more from the final product.

Learn about the benefits and challenges of automation in the pet food production process, including with regards to safety, efficiency, traceability and manpower replacement.

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