Lindsay Beaton

Lindsay Beaton

Lindsay Beaton is the editor of Petfood Industry magazine and the author of "Trending: Pet Food," a weekly pet food industry blog. You may contact her at by selecting "Editorial Team - Petfood Industry" from the drop-down menu.



Sustainability remains top trend in pet food packaging

Sustainability has become more entrenched in the pet food packaging world than ever, as manufacturers and end users alike look for modern solutions to today’s needs.
Learn about how sustainability remains the top trend in pet food packaging, and how various packaging companies are looking to meet the needs of their customers and beyond.
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Have some fun and get things done

Pet food, as always, is a mix of business and pleasure when it comes to staying on trend.
The pet food industry’s unique position of dealing with animals and their nutritional well-being makes for a constant blend of fun and function.
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Phelps Pet Products brings Disney magic to pet treats

The contract dog treat manufacturer has partnered with one of the biggest brands in the world to add its own options to specialty pet treat shelves.
Learn about how Phelps Pet Products has partnered with Disney to bring its own brand of dog treats to specialty pet shelves and stay on top of pet food trends.
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