David Sprinkle

David Sprinkle

David Sprinkle is the director of pet market research at Packaged Facts, a leading authority on the U.S. pet industry. He is also a frequent presenter at U.S. and international pet and veterinary conferences, as well as the author of Petfood Industry magazine's monthly column, "Market Report." For more information, contact customerservice@packagedfacts.com or 800-298-5294.



Loyalty issues in pet food

Cross-channel shopping habits and brand loyalty hit the spotlight as retailers and marketers try to hold on to their customers.

Learn about the lack of loyalty when it comes to shopping channel, even as brand loyalty remains fairly high in the pet food space.

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Direct-to-consumer as a purer play

More pet owners are shopping online, as well as diversifying the ways they utilize online options in their purchasing habits.

Learn about the direct-to-consumer purchasing trend and its place in the larger e-commerce pet food and treats space.

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Buying patterns by pet food type

Dry products remain steady while wet foods grow, specialty is a strong focus for pet owners.

Learn about the current buying patterns of pet owners by food type, including dry, wet and specialty formulations.

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Pet food sales and growth trends

Premium and superpremium pet food, as well as clinical nutrition, are all of interest to pet owners right now.

Learn about some of the pet food trends highlighting the industry as we wrap up 2022, including fresh, superpremium and clinical nutrition.

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Pet food marketing trends in context

Customization, autoship and DTC are competitive strategies in the current consumer purchasing landscape.

Learn about various pet food marketing trends in the context of the current pet landscape, including customization, autoship and direct-to-consumer (DTC).

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