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Lamb kidney may be palatable sub for liver in cat food

While liver was the most palatable raw ingredient in the test, the scientists pointed out limitations to the ingredients' use.
Researchers at Massey University observed distinct differences among cats’ preference for various raw organ meats and co-products from cows and lambs. Likewise, raw ingredients from lamb and beef had different palatability.
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One key to pet food imports and exports during pandemic

Distributors must send a purchase order further ahead of time to the supplier so that the supplier can prepare multiple orders. Smooth import activities depend on the documents.
While the dog, cat and other pet food industries generally proved resilient, the ongoing pandemic continues to interrupt normal international commerce.
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Pet food exec sustainability idea differs from consumers

As sustainability claims have become a mainstream marketing message in pet food, the meaning of that message may have diverged among both pet owners and pet food professionals.
The multiplicity of sustainability problems makes containing them in single term difficult. For many pet owners the concept of sustainability may remain hazy, or they may think of the word in different terms pet food executives and marketers.
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Pig-ear dog chew linked Salmonella outbreak over in Canada

Individuals became sick between late February and late September 2020. Three individuals were hospitalized. In addition, one death was reported.
The Public Health Agency of Canada announced that the group is winding down its investigation into an outbreak of Salmonella linked to pig ear dog chews.
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TA Associates private equity buys Mid America Pet Food

Petfood Industry profiled Mid America Pet Food, writing that the company prides itself on its affordable premium pet food. But the real value in its products, according to CEO Scott Glover, is in the high-quality nutritional ingredients Mid America uses in all its formulas.
Petfood Industry profiled Mid America Pet Food, writing that the company prides itself on its affordable premium pet food.
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Pet care M&A down 10.3% as of Q3 2020

By the end of the third quarter of calendar year 2020, merger and acquisition activity in the pet food sector had declined 10.3% compared to the same period in 2019.
Omnichannel pet food sales have become particularly crucial as more pet food shoppers have shifted online, and future acquisitions may involve brands that know how to please customers online.
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Farmina Pet Foods selects North Carolina for US base

Italy-based Farmina Pet Foods Holding, a pet nutrition company with a presence in more than 60 countries, plans to build its North American pet food headquarters in Reidsville, North Carolina, USA.
The company’s plans include the creation of 129 jobs over five years and a capital investment of nearly US$28.5 million in the Rockingham County, North Carolina region.
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27 pet food industry mergers and acquisitions in 2020

Although the future remains difficult to forecast, these 27 mergers and acquisitions occurred in the pet food industry this year.
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic altered the character of mergers and acquisitions in the pet food industry as buyers may have looked for brands plugged into the new normal of e-commerce, remote work and social distancing.
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