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Dogswell ENERGY Extended Activity Fuel is a high-protein dog treat formulated to energize and hydrate dogs during long runs, hikes and other periods of extended activity. It is made with chicken as its first ingredient and is blended with healthy fats from MCT-rich coconut oil for a delicious treat that’s high in calories and provides long-lasting energy. The performance treat, which comes in a velvety mousse format, is also rich in moisture, offering quick and easy hydration to dogs during physical activities. Along with chicken and coconut oil, the clean-ingredient recipe includes pumpkin as a source of fiber to improve stool quality, and easily digested egg protein. Packaged in convenient tubes, Dogswell ENERGY Extended Activity Fuel can easily be taken anywhere and administered to dogs on the go. Pups simply lick the irresistible energy-boosting mousse treat right out of the tube, and they’re refreshed and ready to get back on the trail.

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