Tailored Pet encouraging healthy 'paw prints'

Tailored Pet offering environmentally friendly pet options.

Feeding a Happier, Healthier Earth

In celebration of Earth month, direct-to-consumer personalized dog food and treats brand, Tailored Pet, is continuing to encourage environmentally-responsible pet ownership through multiple programs designed to help pet parents reduce their carbon paw print.

Tailored Pet offsets 100 percent of the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere from delivering its products. This means the brand is investing in environmental projects that neutralize greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount that shipping their products has generated. To execute this commitment, Tailored has partnered with Bluesource, an organizational climate action partner, to support verified urban forestry, sustainable forest management and rural cookstove programs that are designed to reduce or prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

"At Tailored, it's critically important to us that we not only nourish the pups we serve with high-quality nutrition customized for their best health, but we also do so in an environmentally-friendly way," said Annina Silverman, chief marketing officer of Tailored Pet. "Our carbon offset program comes at no extra cost to pet parents and is simply a way we can help to lighten our carbon footprint and give pet parents another reason to feel good about their choice to feed Tailored to their fur babies."

No Trash Talk–Recyclable Packaging Makes Happy Pups and a Happy Earth

Tailored is also continuing its commitment to eliminating waste through its recycling partnership with TerraCycle, a global sustainability leader dedicated to finding ways to recycle typically hard-to-recycle materials. 

"We're proud give our pet parents the opportunity to divert waste from landfills by offering them a simple way to responsibly dispose of their pet food packaging,"  Silverman said. "In addition, unlike many other direct-to-consumer pet food brands, our veterinarian-approved recipes do not require refrigeration, and therefore, do not need dry ice or insulating packaging during shipping, which can be environmentally toxic," she continued. "With Tailored, savvy pet parents can provide their pups with the best nutrition without guilt over the waste produced by food packaging."

To participate in the simple and free program, pet parents can collect their empty food bags, place them in any box, and click here to sign up and download a free shipping label. The packaging will be sent to TerraCycle and transformed into recyclable materials.

Treat Every Day like Earth Day

In addition to Tailored's personalized dog food designed specifically to help dogs live their healthiest lives, the brand also now offers a new line of soft and chewy treats and daily dental chews designed for the unique needs of pups of all ages and sizes. These drool-worthy treats and tasty dental chews can be added on to any subscription order or purchased separately at TailoredPet.Com. These items are also now available for purchase on Amazon and Chewy.

Save the Planet, It's the Only One with Dogs

In addition to the programs mentioned above, Tailored includes a biodegradable food scoop made from 100 percent bamboo in each initial order, and pet parents who order during the month of April will receive a free waste bag holder made of 100 percent wheat grass. The brand also utilizes recycled paper for all of their printed materials.

Tailored is pleased to extend a 50 percent discount on all first-time food subscription orders using code TAILORED50. The brand also offers exclusive promotions–including one for Earth Week–to text and email subscribers. Click here to subscribe.

To get started personalizing a recipe for their pup, pet parents can visit TailoredPet.com and take a brief questionnaire, which asks detailed questions about the consumer's dog. Using this information, the brand's canine nutrition experts will recommend a personalized recipe tailored to each pet's individual needs, complete with customized feeding instructions, to unleash their healthiest, happiest life.



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