Bühler and Vyncke partner

The initiative results in an integrated energy solution.

Bühler’s Energy Recovery Center, developed with Vyncke in Belgium, is now operational. Launched on November 20, this facility heats Bühler offices in Uzwil using biomass from its centers, serving as a platform for customers to explore energy recovery's potential. By minimizing carbon footprint and energy costs, this initiative highlights the innovative partnership between Bühler and Vyncke.

The ERC combines Bühler’s biomass expertise with Vyncke’s combustion knowledge, resulting in an integrated energy solution. Vyncke's advanced boiler technology and multi-staged pyro gasification turbix combustion maximize energy yield and minimize emissions.

With a dual purpose, the ERC manages sustainable energy generation for Bühler's offices and tests biomass side streams from its global customer base. These tests, supported by Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA), explore potential applications of boiler ash.

This initiative showcases how businesses can repurpose by-products to reduce the food industry's carbon footprint. CEO Johannes Wick emphasizes how this collaboration broadens sustainable production options for customers.

The strategic partnership between Bühler and Vyncke, initiated in 2020, combines innovation and combustion expertise to drive industry transition away from fossil fuels. Vyncke’s century-long experience in energy solutions complements Bühler’s commitment to sustainable transformation.

Peter Vyncke highlights their joint aim to reduce the food industry’s CO2e footprint, leveraging their strengths to guide the industry towards resilience.

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