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Recent pet snack introductions for cats, dogs, reptiles and rodents

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The Vitakraft® business is one of the largest international producers of petfood and supplies. This German company has branches and subsidiary companies in Germany, other European countries, the USA and Asia. They employ about 2,500 people around the world. The parent company and the combined head office are located in Bremen, Germany ( Vitakraft's product range includes more than 3,500 different articles for the feeding, care and keeping of animals at home. This article focuses on some of their recent pet treat introductions for dogs, cats, reptiles and rodents.

Functional treats

For animals in their natural habitat, the activity of feeding often serves several functions at the same time. For example, feeding can help to clean teeth through chewing, or to train the reflexes for tracking down food. Vitakraft now offers healthy multiple benefits in the form of "functional snacks" for dogs and cats. For example, the Kuller ball contains aromatic Kuller snacks that tumble out of the ball, letting cat's "live out their natural hunting instincts." Vita-Dent, a prophylactic snack especially for cat teeth, cleans and takes care of teeth through chewing. The malt core of the Vitakraft Malt Crossys makes sure that swallowed cat hair is naturally regurgitated. Similar examples can be found in Vitakraft's line of dog snacks.

Malt Crossys for cats

For the regurgitation of ingested hair, Vitakraft has developed a crispy snack for cats. Malt Crossys are cereal puffs with a malt filling: "Crispy on the outside, unbelievably tasty on the inside." The malt content causes ingested hair to be regurgitated in a natural way. This highly nutritious snack can be fed daily. One bag contains 50 g.

Innovation of the year

Beef-Stick Sport is Vitakraft's self-proclaimed innovation of the year. According to the company's press materials: "Vitakraft now gives a completely new stimulus to the growth market for treats. Beef-Stick Sports are fitness snacks made of 100% pure meat, especially for dogs. Whether it's jogging, biking or in-line skating, Beef-Stick Sport helps to ensure a sustainable supply of energy when dogs accompany their master or mistress in sporting activities. Thanks to the additive, L' Carnitin, Beef-Stick Sport shortens the recovery phases after sporting activities, reduces the degeneration of muscle and thus ensures more active and more sporty dogs with a better standard of fitness.

With Beef-Stick Sport, Vitakraft is opening up a market with extremely interesting growth potential for traders: The market of active and sporty buyers of animal food. At the same time, with this product innovation, Vitakraft is creating completely new ideas for use. The hitherto neglected area of outdoor sports has become a new field of activity for lucrative additional sales. The handy pocket format with two snack sausages and the freshly sealed pack has been especially designed for being out and about."

Snacks for reptiles

According to Vitakraft, a growing number of people are becoming fascinated with the exotic world of reptiles. Due to the unusual diversity of these animals, the owner is faced with the problem of the correct nutrition. Now, Vitakraft has expanded its vita terra variety.

Reptile Soft Omnivore adds variety to the menu for omnivorous reptiles. The product contains fish and vegetables. Reptile Soft Herbivore is for herbivorous reptiles, and is a blend of vegetables, fruits and other vegetable ingredients. Reptile soft products contain a balanced blend of vitamins, trace elements and minerals "that strengthen the immune system and protect the reptile from possible deficiency symptoms." One can of Reptile Soft contains 160 g.

Funny Fitness packs

The Funny Fitness packs are specially developed for "the fitness nutrition of dwarf rabbits. To provide the necessary variety, the Funny Fitness pack has three delicious Kräcker varieties: With honey; with nuts; and with fruits of the forestwhich is particularly popular. The Kräcker Bisquiti is an airy-light baked biscuit topped with apple and cinnamon as natural ingredients."

Dental care for cats

Vitakraft is now offering Vita-Dent for cats. It is a prophylactic snack and has been especially developed for cats' teeth. Its elastic consistency encourages chewing and its special form offers an optimum chewing surface. The product is "free of sugar." One pack of Vita-Dent contains 75 g.

Snack sausages for dogs

The new Vitakraft Dog Maxis are "extra-long and juicy snack sausages, especially developed for the nutritional needs of medium-size and large dogs. They are ideal as a reward when dogs have really behaved themselves well. So with the new Vitakraft Dog Maxis you can quickly increase their joy in learning."

The product is spice-reduced and free of skin. There are no artificial colorants or aromas. It comes in a "freshly-packed can, which is easy to open, thanks to its ring-pull seal." Its lid allows it to be resealed.


Vitakraft's products are sold in almost every channel: Pet stores, supermarkets, drug stores, specialty stores for seeds and gardening appliances, DIY superstores and department stores. Autonomous sales departments are in charge of the pet stores and the grocery stores. This way the company has close contact with the customers and can take their interests into optimum consideration. At the same time, changes and new trends are noticed and can be acted upon right away.

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