Reducing oral malodor in dogs using a topical gel

An oral topically applied gel decreased oral malodor in dogs.

This study worked on evaluating the effectiveness of a topically applied gel containing essential oils (menthol and thymol) and polyphenolic antioxidants (phloretin and ferulic acid) for reducing halitosis in dogs.

A blinded crossover clinical trial was conducted. Dogs received a dental cleaning and examination. Owners then applied a gel (active or placebo) to oral soft tissues twice daily for a four-week period. Teeth of the dogs were cleaned again, and owners applied the other gel for another four-week period. Clinicians scored halitosis immediately after the initial cleaning and at four and eight weeks, and owners scored halitosis weekly. Halitosis assessment by clinicians revealed that both groups had improvement in halitosis scores. In the active-to-placebo group, halitosis was significantly reduced during application of the active gel but increased during application of the placebo. In the placebo-to-active group, halitosis decreased during application of the placebo and continued to decrease during application of the active gel.

In summary, an oral topically applied gel with essential oils and polyphenolic antioxidants applied daily after an initial professional dental cleaning decreased oral malodor in dogs.

Source:  Samuel B. Low DDS MEd et al., 2014. Evaluation of a topical gel containing a novel combination of essential oils and antioxidants for reducing oral malodor in dogs. AJVR online, July 2014. doi: 10.2460/ajvr.75.7.653.

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