Diamond Naturals Dog Treats

Dog owners now have a new option to choose from when looking for the right training treat to use – Diamond Naturals Dog Treats.

The new line of Diamond Naturals treats is in a crunchy biscuit form and there are six options for adult dogs, large breed dogs and puppies. The adult treats are available in chicken, beef, lamb and peanut butter flavors. Puppy treats are available in chicken flavor, and large breed treats – a slightly larger biscuit – are available in chicken and include glucosamine for joint health.

Some general guidelines for treating your pet include limiting treats based on your pet’s size, metabolism and activity levels. For dogs weighing around 10 lbs., only one Diamond Naturals treat is recommended. For dogs that weigh approximately 50 lbs., three to five treats can be offered daily. Daily treat guidelines are available on the back of each Diamond Naturals Treat bag.

Diamond Natural treats are made with the highest-quality ingredients and are free of corn, wheat and soy. The treats complement the Diamond Naturals line of pet foods, which includes dry kibble formulas and canned formulas.

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