10 top US-based pet food companies in 2022

Pet food companies based in the United States dominate the ranking in Petfood Industry’s Top Companies Current Data for 2022.

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The dog, cat and other pet food markets in the United States remain the largest worldwide by a significant margin. Pet food companies based in the United States also dominate the ranking in Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies database for 2022, making up nine of the top 10 companies. The following 10 pet food companies had the highest annual revenues among U.S.-based dog, cat and other pet food makers in 2022.

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1. Mars Petcare Inc.


Mars Petcare is the world's leading pet food company. Its nearly 50 pet food brands include five, billion-dollar brands. The company is increasingly looking to diversify its revenue streams. Mars Petcare also owns the BluePearl chain of emergency and specialty veterinary care clinics Banfield and VCA animal hospitals. In 2022, Mars Petcare products held a 17% market share in the U.S. market, according to retail sales data from Nielsen. This company does not publicly disclose financial data, so annual revenue was estimated or based on survey responses.

2. NestlĂ© Purina PetCare


Nestlé Purina PetCare remains a top player in the global pet care industry. The company reported strong organic growth in its pet care products in 2022. Long a leader in the U.S. market, Nestlé Purina also operates pet food factories in 19 countries. Nestlé Purina claims three headquarters globally: St. Louis, Missouri, USA, for its North American and Latin American operations; Lausanne, Switzerland, in Europe; and Sydney, Australia, covering Asia, Oceania and Africa. Its parent company, Nestlé's world headquarters, is in Vevey, Switzerland.

3. Hill's Pet Nutrition


Hill's Pet Nutrition sells more than 300 products, principally through authorized pet supply retailers and veterinarians in more than 80 countries worldwide. Hill's operates major manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Bowling Green, Kentucky; Topeka, Kansas; Emporia, Kansas; and Richmond, Indiana, USA. Its primary research center is located in Topeka, Kansas, USA. Hill's also runs major manufacturing and warehousing facilities in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

4. J.M. Smucker


J.M. Smucker is a leading producer, distributor and marketer of premium-quality, branded pet food and pet snacks in the U.S., Smucker runs processing plants in Decatur, Alabama; Lawrence, Kansas; and Buffalo, New York, USA. Both a processing plant and distribution center are operated at locations in Topeka, Kansas, USA, and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. In addition to its own brands, Smucker produces and distributes private-label pet products and utilizes 16 co-packers and 12 re-packers in the U.S., Canada and Thailand. Smucker divested its private label dry pet food business on December 1, 2021 and the Natural Balance business on January 29, 2021.

5. General Mills


General Mills is a North American manufacturer and marketer of consumer foods and pet food; entering the pet food market in 2018 with the acquisition of Blue Buffalo. Blue Buffalo is manufactured in the U.S. through a hybrid network of owned and contracted facilities. The company's dry formulas include LifeSource Bits, a blend of nutrients and antioxidants.

6. Diamond Pet Foods


Diamond Pet Foods manufactures three brands of food for dogs and cats. The family-owned and privately held company headquartered in Missouri, USA, also manufactures in South Carolina, Arkansas and California, USA. Annual revenue is not reported publicly since the company is owned by the Schell and Kampeter families.

7. Simmons Pet Food


Simmons Pet Food is the leading North American private-label and contract manufacturer of wet pet food. We source high-quality ingredients and use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce premium and value-focused pet food. We supply top brands and retailers with products in a variety of formats, including cans, pouches and cups. These operations are in Northwest Arkansas, Emporia, Kansas, Dubuque, Iowa, and Ontario, Canada. For more information on Simmons Pet Food, visit www.simmonspetfood.com. Simmons Pet Food is owned by Simmons Foods Inc. & Affiliates.

8. Alphia


Alphia is a portfolio company of J. H. Whitney Capital Partners (“JH Whitney”), a Connecticut, USA-based private-equity firm. It works with pet food brands as a co-manufacturer and retailers looking to develop, revise or expand their pet food brands. Alphia can produce dry dog and cat food, dog treats, canned dog and cat food and pet bird food. It has the capacity to manufacture more than 1 billion pounds of pet food and treats annually. The company also includes subsidiaries LANI (formerly Lortscher’s Animal Nutrition) and Veracity Logistics. This company does not publicly disclose financial data, so annual revenue was estimated or based on survey responses.

9. Spectrum Brands / United Pet Group


Spectrum Brands now controls more than a dozen pet care brands with global reach. Spectrum also manages global operations in batteries and appliances, hardware and home improvement, home and garden, and auto care.

10. Wellness Pet Company


Wellness Pet Company is a global supplier of premium pet food and treats. Headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, USA, WellPet has three facilities in Indiana, USA, Minnesota, USA, and the Netherlands.

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