JBT Corporation SuperCRss retort system

Jbt Corporation Super Crss Retort System

The JBT Corporation SuperCRss retort system uses saturated steam sterilization technology, combined with robust and labor saving automation options.

SuperCRss has the ability to process steel and aluminum cans of all sizes, shapes and volumes from large foodservice products to retail size containers. These products can range from beans, tuna, tomatoes, pet food and a variety of other products that benefit from a static thermal process. Ideally, SuperCRss is combined with efficient automatic loading and unloading technology.

Furthermore, SuperCRss includes JBT’s processing management system LOG-TEC, which enables manufacturers to optimally process during all phases, including venting, ramping cooking and cooling. This repeatable and controlled process ensures uniformity of product quality. The addition of LOG-TEC to SuperCRss provides JBT customers with food safety, traceability, automation and repeatability. Customers may also reap the benefits of a Basket Tracking System (BTS), allowing data of any produced batch or retort load to be tracked, analyzed and audited. The BTS controls and verifies all product is commercially sterilized prior to exiting the automatic batch retort systems (ABRS). 

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