Pet Food Competence Network sets new standard in plant realization

The Pet Food Competence Network combines 10 pet food companies to deliver wet and dry pet food plant solutions.

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Plant-based pet food is a rising trend, with health and sustainability among the top driving forces. | (Courtesy Petaluma)
Plant-based pet food is a rising trend, with health and sustainability among the top driving forces. | (Courtesy Petaluma)

Adapted from a press release:

Ten companies, all who will attend Petfood Forum, have joined forces to deliver complete end-to-end wet and dry pet food plant solutions – all through a single point of contact.

The Pet Food Competence Network brings together raw material and formulation companies, processing experts and global “smart” machine suppliers, who can provide solutions for every step of the pet food value chain – from raw materials to shrink-wrapped pallets.

Each company brings its own domain expertise and extensive industry R&D and experience, and merges them into a complete, tightly integrated production solution, which can be trialled, scaled and fully connected to match an end user’s precise requirements.

The Network has been created to get greenfield plants operational, make revenue quicker and to give brownfield plants the ability to exploit the capabilities of new technologies, to boost efficiency, speed, throughput and data capabilities.

The companies involved are leading pet food industry suppliers. The Network comprises MIAVIT, JRS, JBT FTNON, Andritz, Waldner, Cama Group, OPEM, The Packaging Group, Clevertech, and KARL SCHNELL.

Andritz Feed & Biofuel ANDRITZ is one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced industrial equipment for the animal feed, aquafeed, and pet food industries, according to Petfood Industry's Directory of Suppliers

According to Csaba Borsfai, Senior coordinator and technology expert for wet and dry pet food at the Pet Food Competence Network: “Many of these companies already work together across the globe, not just in pet food, but in other, equally demanding industries, so there is already a high level of mutual trust and understanding. This level of integration is also present on a technological level as cross-company Industry 4.0 data architectures and smart-machine.”

“All of the projects will benefit from a single point of contact,” Borsfai continues, “and are backed by beginning-to-end consultation, coupled to an investment plan that will deliver the best possible TCO and payback. By bringing all the company offerings under one umbrella, we anticipate significantly lower preparation costs, lead times reduced by months, and commissioning time cut from weeks to days.”

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