Pet Food Extrusion

Find the latest articles, research and analysis on pet food extrusion, the most common way to make mass-quantity dry cat and dog food products such as kibble, from the editors of Petfood Industry magazine. Topics include high-meat pet food formulas, safety and maintenance, and extrusion-baked pet foods.


Small dogs prefer large kibble in palatability tests

AFB International scientists found in palatability trials that every body size of dogs preferred large kibble over small and medium sized pieces.
By discerning what size kibble that dogs actually choose, there could be several benefits for both pet food retailers and dog food brands.
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Pet food experts: how to save energy, money on drying

Pet food drying efficiency was just one topic covered at Petfood Forum Asia in Bangkok on March 28.
Pet food professionals attending Petfood Forum Asia learned about pet food drying efficiency, novel ingredients, precise pet nutrition and other topics.
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Biomapping watches for Salmonella-susceptible pet food

By regularly monitoring indicator organisms over time, pet food facilities can keep tabs consistently on their Salmonella risk.
As opposed to trying to find the Salmonella needle in the food plant haystack, biomapping looks for conditions that make those needles more common.
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4 limited ingredient diet pet food options analyzed

A LID challenges pet food formulators to provide all essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients, while using only a few ingredients.
Limited ingredient diet (LID) dog and cat foods use a minimal number of ingredients, but must still provide complete nutrition.
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Mexican superpremium pet food workshop speaker announced

Arturo Valdez, GfK Mexico’s consumer and retail director, will deliver the opening session of Pet Food Technology: Innovation in Superpremium Diets.
In Mexico, superpremium dog and cat foods continue to grow in popularity, taking market share from established premium brands.
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