Pet Food Extrusion

Find the latest articles, research and analysis on pet food extrusion, the most common way to make mass-quantity dry cat and dog food products such as kibble, from the editors of Petfood Industry magazine. Topics include high-meat pet food formulas, safety and maintenance, and extrusion-baked pet foods. Register for free to access premium content.


Flexibility, adaptability key in pet food extrusion

With so many different trends clamoring for attention, properly extruding pet food formulas requires more focus and more ability than ever before.
With so many different pet food industry trends flooding the market, properly extruding pet food formulas requires more focus and more ability from experts than ever before.
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Pet food course explored Clextral twin-screw extruders

Engineers and technicians explained the inner working of twin-screw extruders, while pet food industry researchers discussed trends and nutrition.
Thirty-eight people representing businesses in 14 countries attended, including Australia, Russia, Romania, England and Saudi Arabia.
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Dog owners like kibble of specific size, shape and color

In an experiment, 120 dog owners evaluated 30 dry dog food samples. The samples varied in size, shape, color and other attributes.
Scientists in Poland and the United States collaborated to evaluate how kibble’s physical characteristics influence dog owners’ perceptions of dry dog food.
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Small dogs prefer large kibble in palatability tests

AFB International scientists found in palatability trials that every body size of dogs preferred large kibble over small and medium sized pieces.
By discerning what size kibble that dogs actually choose, there could be several benefits for both pet food retailers and dog food brands.
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