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What are the keys to a successful fresh pet food merchandizing strategy?

In Episode 21 of the Trending: Pet Food podcast, Randy Skyba, vice president of sales and marketing for Due North, discusses the thoughts that go into a successful merchandizing strategy for fresh pet food from an equipment perspective.

Learn about the equipment perspective behind a successful fresh pet food merchandizing strategy with Due North’s Randy Skyba on this 21st episode of the Trending: Pet Food podcast.

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3D printing pet treats with plant, insect, algae protein

A pet food and treat company could offer a 3D-printing device optimized for producing pet treats, then sell the ingredients to pet owners via a subscription service. For large, established companies, 3D-printed pet consumables could streamline the new product development process or allow specialized services for pet owners.

Ordering a perfect cup of Earl Grey tea from a Star Trek-style replicator remains for the next generation. However, small-scale 3D printing of pet treats may not be science fiction for long. Those futuristically created treats may themselves contain equally unconventional ingredients, such as insect and algae proteins.

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Petfood Forum led Marel to enter pet industry, buy Wenger

In late April, Marel agreed to acquire Wenger Manufacturing, a processing equipment manufacturer focused on pet food, plant-based proteins and aqua feed.

After attending Petfood Forum a few years ago, one executive with meat processing equipment maker Marel decided to discuss moving the company into pet food production machinery.

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Marel adds pet food processing by acquiring Wenger

The total investment for the acquisition is US$540 million. Founded in 1935, Wenger has 500 employees and revenues in 2022 are expected to be US$190 million.

The acquisition of Wenger is a platform investment into new, complementary and attractive growth markets for Marel and will form the fourth business segment alongside poultry, meat and fish.

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2 top pet food equipment supplier challenges

Current supply chain complexities and an increasing need for equipment flexibility are keeping equipment suppliers on their toes.

Learn about two of the top pet food equipment challenges right now, including difficulties with the supply chain and pet food manufacturers’ need for multifaceted tools.

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Automation in pet food: optimizing production, safety

Automating the pet food production process is becoming increasingly appealing as consumers require more from the final product.

Learn about the benefits and challenges of automation in the pet food production process, including with regards to safety, efficiency, traceability and manpower replacement.

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