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Flexibility, adaptability key in pet food extrusion

With so many different trends clamoring for attention, properly extruding pet food formulas requires more focus and more ability than ever before.
With so many different pet food industry trends flooding the market, properly extruding pet food formulas requires more focus and more ability from experts than ever before.
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Pet food course explored Clextral twin-screw extruders

Engineers and technicians explained the inner working of twin-screw extruders, while pet food industry researchers discussed trends and nutrition.
Thirty-eight people representing businesses in 14 countries attended, including Australia, Russia, Romania, England and Saudi Arabia.
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HorizonPSI now exclusive dealer of Guardian Ozone systems

HorizonPSI has partnered with Guardian Ozone, a provider of sanitation systems for the pet food industry.
HorizonPSI and Guardian Ozone have announced a partnership through which HorizonPSI is the exclusive dealer of Guardian Ozone systems for the pet food processing industry.
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Biomapping watches for Salmonella-susceptible pet food

By regularly monitoring indicator organisms over time, pet food facilities can keep tabs consistently on their Salmonella risk.
As opposed to trying to find the Salmonella needle in the food plant haystack, biomapping looks for conditions that make those needles more common.
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