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black soldier fly larvae

BSF protein an ‘easy swap’ for other proteins in dog food

Enterra palatability, digestibility and maintenance trials show black soldier fly-based diet performed well and provided all of the necessary nutrients to maintain dog health
With alternative proteins increasing in popularity in human foods, they are also gaining interest from consumers of pet food, and black soldier fly (BSF)-based ingredients are among the most popular.
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Petfood Forum 2023 announces call for papers

Submissions for the exclusive pet food conference and trade show are due October 31, 2022.

Petfood Forum, the premier, exclusive event for the global pet food industry, is seeking noncommercial abstracts for its 2023 conference program.

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Core species of dog, cat gut microbiome identified

A wide array of microbes dwell in the crevices of dogs’ and cats’ intestines, forming complex communities called the microbiome.
In dogs, 15 genera made up the core, while healthy cat guts hosted 17. Dawn Kingsbury, DVM, AnimalBiome chief veterinary officer, presented the results of a five-year research project at the ACVIM Forum 2020 in June.
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Criteria for choosing extruded dog, cat food ingredients

Nutrition, processability and other practical concerns, along with sustainability and marketability influence the choices pet food formulators make when developing recipes.

Certain criteria influence why pet food formulators choose specific ingredients for new recipes to be processed in extruders.

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Dachshund recycle bin sustainability

Throw-away pet food bags make biogas energy in landfills

Pet food packaging suppliers provide options for bags that degrade into biogas.

Most pet food packaging ends up in landfills, even the recyclable or return-to-store types. While recycling is familiar and popular, flexible materials used for recyclable pet food bags often are not collected by curbside pick-up.

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Cost may hinder fresh dog, cat food sales growth

Price was the primary block to fresh pet food purchasing. Forty-four percent of survey respondents stated that they didn’t buy fresh because it was too expensive.

Dry kibble remains the most frequently bought dog and cat food, but pet owners’ choice of that format may be driven by price and presence in stores more than preference.

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