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Pet expert gives tips for first dog

Celebrity pet expert  Andrea Arden , dog trainer to Norah Jones, Robert De Niro and Conan O'Brien, and star of  Animal Planet's   "From Underdog to Wonder Dog,"  says the  Obamas  will succeed with their new dog,  Bo , if they establish a routine of superior nutrition, exercise and regular veterinary check-ups right from the start, according to a  press release .

"The family's first 100 days with a new puppy or dog is full of exciting experiences, but the entire first year can be a challenge for pet parents who aren't well prepared, even if they do live in the White House," Arden says.

A few of her tips:

  • Eat right with foods meeting their nutritional needs
  • Get regular vet visits
  • Get lots of exercise
  • Establish a bond between dog and owner

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