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Simmons tweaks palletizing operations to meet demand

As manufacturers watch the market for petfoods steadily move toward premium products,  Simmons Pet Food Inc.  has undertaken projects to increase the speed and efficiency of its packaging operations to meet demands, according to an  article  from Material Handling Management.

To accomplish this, Simmons retooled its palletizing system. The system was designed so the product line could be changed in minutes from, for instance, a 6-pack case to a 24-pack case. It can now run 3-ounce cans one shift and 5.5-ounce cans the next. This flexibility to service many different pack configurations was critical.

The system is managed by a combination of individually controlled motors and Hytrol EZLogic control modules. The human-machine interface gives Simmons flexibility to make modifications, according to the article.

The new palletizing system gave Simmons versatility, increased safety, reduced labor costs and faster throughput, according to the company.

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