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Canadian petfood market grows

According to a recent  report  by Euromonitor, growth in the Canadian pet food market is expected to continue.

The Canadian pet industry performed well in the review period, due to a good economy, more disposable income in Canada and the humanization of pets, prompting pet owners to spend more on premium pet food, according to the report.

Euromonitor reported the 2007 recalls actually boosted the demand for superpremium dog and cat food, as some consumers wanted higher-quality ingredients.

Supermarkets/hypermarkets remain the number one shopping destination for both dog and cat food, according to the report.

The report concluded: "Pet health care and dietary supplements will remain dynamic growth categories, as will superpremium pet foods, as the population of aging and obese pets grows. Accessories, particularly clothing, as well as  pet services , also show great growth potential, as consumers are willing to spend increasingly large amounts of money on luxury items for their pets."

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