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Grupo Dibaq acquires Rodi Petfood Group

The Spanish  Grupo Dibaq , a leading manufacturer of petfood and aquaculture feed in Southern and Eastern Europe, acquired 80% of the controlling entity of  Rodi Petfood Group , a leading manufacturer of petfood, snacks and biscuits in Central and Northern Europe, according to a press release.

This acquisition gives Rodi access to new capital, according to the press release, which will enable it to target the northwestern European market more effectively.

"The new combination is a perfect match. Both companies are known for their high-quality products," said Juan Gargallo of Dibaq. "We now offer the European market a one-stop-shop covering all products and market segments. We can meet customer demand for dry and moist foods, biscuits and snacks from manufacturing and logistic facilities in Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom."

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