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New melamine, acid detection system from Bruker

Bruker  Daltonics recently released a high-capacity ion trap solution for the detection and quantification of melamine and cyanuric acid in food safety laboratories.

In 2007, petfood, animal feed wheat gluten and other protein-based foods were found to contain residues of melamine and cyanuric acid.

According to a press release, a five minute, LC-MS/MS analysis method will extract, detect and quantify melamine and cyanuric acid using the high-capacity ion trap mass spectrometer, HCTultra, hyphenated with a Dionex UltiMate 3000 LC system and Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX-1 column.

The method is capable of detecting melamine below the concentration limitations set by food safety authorities, such as the  US Food and Drug Administration , according to the release .

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