Effects of medium-chain triglycerides in cats

The objective was to determine possible diet aversion and lipid and lipoprotein alterations in cats fed diets containing medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Nineteen clinically normal adult female cats were assigned to two groups and fed a low MCT diet or high MCT diet for nine weeks according to metabolic body weight.
No diet differences were found for food consumption, body weight, body condition score and metabolizable energy factors. A significant increase in plasma triglyceride concentration was detected for the high MCT diet; however, values were within the reference ranges. No diet effects were observed for total cholesterol concentrations or lipoprotein-cholesterol distributions, although increases over time were observed.
Inclusion of MCT in diets of cats did not result in feed refusal and had minimal effects on lipid metabolism. Such diets may be useful for both clinically normal cats and cats with metabolic disorders. MCT oils are an example of a bioactive dietary lipid that may benefit feline metabolism and can serve as a useful functional food ingredient for cats.
Source : L. Trevizan et al., 2010. Effects of dietary medium-chain triglycerides on plasma lipids and lipoprotein distribution and food aversion in cats. AJVR 71:435-440. doi: 10.2460/ajvr.71.4.435

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